IT Admin, cybersecurity manager, Draftsman, Manga, Photography

A little bit about me

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Since I had the opportunity, I have always sat in front of a computer. I have always been fascinated by having a device that allows you almost absolutely everything.
Furthermore, for as long as I can remember I have always had a pencil in my hand and I have used drawing mainly as a hobby but also to relax, escape and now in some work environments.
Now I am immersed in the world of computing on a professional level, setting foot in the world of illustration whenever I can. When life circumstances allow me to mix both things... Magic emerges!

Trying to master the art of ...

IT Admin

Specializied in installing, configuring and maintaining microcomputer systems, isolated or networked, as well as local networks in small/medium environments, ensuring their functionality and applying the established quality, safety and environmental protocols.

Cybersecurity manager

Specialized in cybersecurity, compliance with protocols and regulations as well as protection against their attacks.


Drawing has been a lifelong hobby for me, and now I've recently entered the professional world in the digital sector.
Currently, I draw digitally using an iPad Pro with the Apple Pencil 2 on Procreate as my main tool.
In my free time, I occasionally enjoy feeling the physical ink on paper.


Amateur photographer with experience in various events, weddings, baptisms, concerts...
Shooting with a simple reflex Canon Rebel T5 with different objectives. Using today also iPhone 12 Pro for the most daily things.

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650 825 676

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